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Event Services Company

A company that revolutionized the ticketing industry, addressing the inefficiencies of traditional ticketing processes.

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PropTech Company

A company that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce real estate layout plans and visualizations.

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A company that specializes in the crafting and efficient implementation of professional email signatures. 

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Digital & Web Accessibility Company

A digital accessibility innovator and industry leader specializing in creating advanced and compliant web solutions that don’t require code refactoring.

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A company that facilitates collaboration and growth between brands and curated marketing talent. By leveraging data and streamlined processes, they optimize various marketing aspects.

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A company that enables partners to deliver engaging and inclusive experiences with vertical-built voice AI solutions.

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A comprehensive business management and client engagement solution tailored for SMEs.

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A user-friendly solution for engineering computations that are visually appealing and straightforward to verify. 

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FinTech Company

A data analytics company that empowers fintech firms and banks with secure and reliable cross-border and domestic payment services.

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Cloud Based Connectivity Company

A connectivity-as-a-service cloud provider for both public and private devices, who provide seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in a way that is simple and easily accessible.

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A Video Technology Company

Kaltura offers a comprehensive suite of video solutions that enables businesses, educational institutions, and media companies to create, manage, and deliver engaging video experiences at scale.

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