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In the quest to empower IoT's future, our client faced a critical challenge - qualifying and scheduling all inbound leads.

Campaign dates: Aug 2021 – Jul 2022


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PropTech Company Case Study

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The client is a cloud-based connectivity-as-a-service provider for both public and private devices. They seek to boost the innovation of IoT by providing seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in a way that is simple and easily accessible.


To qualify and schedule all inbound leads. By qualifying inbound leads, the company was able to determine which leads were the most promising and prioritize those leads accordingly. This information would have helped the sales team determine whether the lead was a good fit for the company’s product or service, whether they were at the buying stage, and whether they had the authority to make purchasing decisions


Once the lead was qualified, a meeting was scheduled between the lead and an Account Executive who was responsible for managing the sales process. During this meeting, the Account Manager gathered additional information about the lead’s needs and preferences, answered any questions they may have had, and provided information about the company’s product or service.


Campaign dates: Aug 2021 – Jul 2022


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