Mayple turned to Whistle for assistance with tackling their main challenge: expanding their operations without the support of an experienced sales team.

Campaign dates: Oct 2021 – Aug 2022


Meetings booked in 10 months


Generated in Monthly GMV

PropTech Company Case Study
Mayple Case Study

Target Industry

Marketing Tech

Company Size


Target Location

Israel / USA

About Mayple

Mayple empowers brands and curated marketing talent to collaborate and grow together. They have optimized the full cycle of hiring and managing marketing service providers, in order for brands to succeed and marketers to thrive.


The main reason that Mayple approached Whistle was because they needed to grow their business but did not have an experienced sales team. They required the help of a professional Sales Development agency who could help them to quickly and consistently grow Mayple.


The process Whistle implemented was very well orchestrated and built a lot of trust from the start. Mayple is a constantly evolving campaign and changes happen very fast. Whistle was able to quickly adapt the strategy and implement changes in a short period of time.


Campaign dates: Oct 2021 – Aug 2022

Lead channels

Inbound & Outbound
Live Chats
Live Pre-Qualifying Demos


meetings booked in 10 months


new clients generated by Whistle Appointment Setters


monthly GMV generated by Whistle

“We have a good understanding of each other’s expectations and this enables us to work fast and work well together.”

Bronwyn Johnson | Account Manager at Whistle

“What stands out for me is Whistle’s professionalism and their communication.”

Omer Farkash | Co-Founder & COO of Mayple

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