WiseStamp required Whistle to provide them with a strategic approach to boost their meeting rates.

Campaign dates: Nov 2021 – Nov 2022


SQLs created by Whistle Appointment Setters


MRR generated

WiseStamp Case Study
WiseStamp Case Study

Target Industry

Computer Software

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About WiseStamp

WiseStamp creates professional email signatures for individuals and businesses.

Their solution can be implement across multiple email and social media platforms, and is simple to use, manage and rollout.


The main challenge facing WiseStamp was the need to increase their meeting rate.

This would include the scheduling and qualifying of leads that were either registered leads or trial leads. They required assistance with converting those leads into scheduled meetings.


Whistle placed two Appointment Setters within the WiseStamp sales model in order to eliminate irrelevant leads, saving time for WiseStamp’s sales team. They also engaged with all the registered leads, along with nurturing leads from their email campaigns.

Their two main goals were booking meetings and building brand awareness.


Campaign dates: Nov 2021 – Nov 2022


meetings scheduled


SQLs created


deals won


MRR generated

“The girls on our Whistle team crush their goals every day, every month. They have amazing attitudes and willingness to be part of our team. Love Whistle!!!”

David Pennington | SDR Team Lead

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