ClearCalcs, a leading provider of engineering computation solutions,was looking to scale their operations and efficiently manage increasing leads.

Campaign dates: Jan 2022 – Jul 2022


Full time Appointment Setter


Average meetings held rate

PropTech Company Case Study

Target Industry

Engineering Tech

Company Size

1 – 10

Funding Stage


Target Location


About ClearCalcs

ClearCalcs engineering software enables you to replace clunky spreadsheets and expensive desktop software with powerful, easy to understand templates that are quick to export to PDF, and available online with no install.


At the time ClearCalcs approached Whistle, they were at a point where they needed to start scaling. As leads increased, they needed to ensure they had a scalable solution that would enable them to manage the lead process. They also had a massive backlog of former trialists and not enough manpower and time to take advantage of the lead opportunities.


Whistle set up one full time Appointment Setter (two Appointment Setters working 4 hour shifts). This sales team was able to make calls and book demos at a much higher volume than ClearCalcs was previously able to, due to time constraints. This resulted in more demos in ClearCalcs’ calendars and more freed-up time in their days to do the necessary admin and focus on looking ahead.


Campaign dates: Jan 2022 – Jul 2022


full time Appointment Setter


meetings set in 7 months


average meetings held rate

“What contributes to the success of this campaign is the open line of communication between the Whistle and ClearCalcs teams. We’re always aligned and working towards the same goal.”

Nicole Webster | Account Manager at Whistle

“It’s been an incredibly positive experience working with Whistle. The communication is open and upfront and I especially appreciate that the Appointment Setters are proactive and confident to test and optimize the process.”

Connor Conzelman | Director of Customer Success at ClearCalcs

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