Data on Demand

We source leads from the best databases, then human-validate them over telephone, email, and social – giving our clients 100% accurate data and flexibility for custom projects.

Is it right for you?

Every year:

  • 1 in 3 people change jobs.
  • 15% of people change their telephone numbers.
  • 34% of people change their email addresses.

If you’re a leading brand or a fast growing startup with a marketing and sales team, you need 100% accurate data. Since 2020, outbound connect rates have dropped to 2-4% across the B2B space, meaning that an SDR making a typical 50 -100 calls per day is only speaking with 1-4 people. Accurate data will not only save you money in the long run, it will also prevent your SDRs from spending most of their day talking to no one.

How does it work?

Step 1: Human verification

This is one of our most important processes and is essential to all outreach efforts. Our data teams validate all the contact data for you, so that 100% of the SDRs time is spent on reaching out to contacts who are still in the same role at the same addresses and have numbers that exist.

Step 2: Channel verification

Today, it’s not just enough to know that a person’s contact information is accurate. What SDR leaders really want to ensure is that their SDR teams are reaching out to people on channels that they are active on, be it Linkedin, Email or Phone. To enable this, Whistle’s data teams reach out to prospects across multiple channels and break down which channels they are most responsive on. It simply makes sense to call people who answer the phone and not call people who don’t. Email people who read emails and not email people who don’t. And connect on Linkedin with people who are active there and not with people who aren’t. Meet your prospects where they are. SIMPLE.

Step 3: Market verification

meaning that your SDR teams need to focus all sales efforts on those that are willing to buy, nurture those leads who show interest but aren’t in the market and disqualify the leads who are never going to be in market for your solution.

To enable this, our data teams run independent surveys with prospects to identify two categories of potential clients. Those who identify with the pain that the provider is solving; and those with a solution in place (or would consider a solution) and are open to speaking with vendors in the next 6 months.

We provide these prospects with a custom report on the responses for them to learn about how their peers are standing with regards to the challenge and solutions.

We then route the in-market leads who are open to being contacted to your sales teams, who can put together an informed approach to the prospects, armed with the knowledge that they have gained.

The nurturing leads are handled by the SDR teams, who simply either set up conversations with the prospects, or build relationships with them for future sales engagement.

Finally, the non respondents can be either disregarded from immediate focus or added to a gentle nurturing sequence in order to keep in mind for future reference.

Heard enough?