About us.


To date, our customers have raised over $2Bn in funding and generate over $15M per month in pipeline sourced from Whistle’s SDRs. Our aim is to give fast-growing companies a better chance of success in scaling global growth.

Whistle is headed by brothers David and Yonah Zeff and was founded in 2020, following 3 tech exits spanning a decade in SaaS sales. We currently support companies targeting every timezone – this is made possible by our incredible team of over 100 people that support our services through Management, Operations, Data Research, Content Marketing, Sales and Sales Development.

Our Culture

We are a 100% remote company, which allows us to recruit diverse, global talent with unique skillsets and fresh perspectives.

One of our top priorities is ensuring that our home-workers do not feel like lone-workers. That’s why we started the Whistle Wellness program – it gives the team a means to connect outside of work – through activities like meditation, personal training sessions, feel good Spotify playlists, a book club, meal plans and more. The goal is to promote happiness, wellness, team bonding and a healthy work-life balance.

We are a company led by merit – we don’t only encourage innovation and self-starter attitudes, we reward it. After all, we believe that the only way we can become, and remain, the #1 leader in sales development is by relying on the input of all 100+ Whistlers.

Executive Team

It takes a huge, highly professional (sometimes eccentric) group of characters to sustain a company like Whistle. And the team who lead them are no different.

David Zeff | CEO

3 exits, nearly 500 B2B deals signed
3 kids, nearly 500 diapers changed

Yonah Zeff | COO

Obsessed with creating and fixing complex systems
I swear I didn’t break it first

Lynne Cumings | HR Director

You must touch the heart to move the mind
I still believe in miracles

Bronwyn Johnson | Senior Account Manager

Failing to plan is planning to fail
Still can’t plan a holiday though

Leigh Normington | Account Manager

There is always something new to learn
Don’t really want to learn how to cook

Tracy Davidson | Account Manager

Sell the problem you solve, not the product
It’s true, you do love your grandchildren more than your kids

Nicole Webster | Account Manager

Some dream of success, others wake up and make a it happen!
Mom, wife, hard-worker, part-time karaoke star

Chean Gerber | Marketing Manager

If you see it in your mind, you hold it in your hand
When in doubt, peace or pout

Kayla Evans | Brand Manager

Do what you love
and do it well

Cat Van-Wijk | Data & Systems Manager

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful
Especially laughter. There can never be too much of it

Jason Goodrich | IT Manager

IT is like a McDonald’s ice-cream machine…
…something is always broken

Kirsten Bredekamp | Operations Manager

Developing global relationships
Haven’t been caught yet

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