When Verbit set its sights on the US and EU markets, they faced the monumental challenge of establishing a foothold in these unfamiliar territories.

Campaign dates: Mar 2022 – Jun 2022


Full time Appointment Setters


Meetings booked in under 4 months

PropTech Company Case Study
Verbit Case Study
Target Industry

Computer Software

Funding Stage

Series E

Company Size

550 – 1000

Target Location


About Verbit

Verbit’s vertical-built voice AI solutions provide its partners with the tools they need to offer engaging and equitable experiences that not only meet accessibility guidelines, but make verbal information searchable and actionable. Since its founding in 2017, Verbit has grown into a unicorn company with a $2B valuation and a global presence.


At the time Verbit approached Whistle, they wanted to enter the US and EU markets, but were faced with the challenge of tackling a huge market in completely new territory. They needed manpower in order to gather information about their target audience and to achieve the high volume of connections required to reach their goals.


Whistle’s outsourced Sales Development solution enabled Verbit to book a high volume of meetings and get in front of their target audience quickly. The conversations held by Whistle’s Appointment Setters provided Verbit with valuable insights into their target audience. Whistle played a big role in driving outbound opportunities that boosted Verbit’s growth. 


Campaign dates: Mar 2022 – Jun 2022


full time Appointment Setters


meetings booked in the first 2 months


meetings booked in under 4 months

“The mutual communication transparency and shared passion to make the campaign work, all contributed to its success.”

Jodi Sneag | Previous SDR Director at Whistle

“Whistle drove those outbound opportunities that enabled us to get in front of our target audience.”

Ellie Orlans | Business Development at Verbit.ai

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