Our Trusted Experts

We want to support our clients in all aspects of their business, but we know that we don’t know everything. That’s why we have partnered up with experts in various niches and specialties.

Our Trusted Experts

We want to support our clients in all aspects of their business, but we know that we don’t know everything. That’s why we have partnered up with experts in various niches and specialties.

Meet the experts

Anush Mnatsakanyan

Tech Video Marketing Expert

We offer video marketing services: strategy, planning and execution of explainer videos, demo videos, tutorial videos, promo videos etc. All of them in animated or live-action format.

Val Tsanev

Cybersecurity Partnerships

We facilitate professional 1:1 virtual meetings between cybersecurity vendors and security practitioners for the purposes of forming mutually beneficial business partnerships.

TJ Allison
Sales Coaching

I offer sales coaching for early-stage founders, with a mindfulness twist. My coaching practice is centered around improving founder-led-sales and avoiding burnout.

Ari Barmapov & Zac Blakely
Sales GTM Consulting

We help companies build outbound GTM strategies and sales teams through strategic coaching, playbook building, onboarding process and individual mentoring.

Nikki Peck
Early-stage SaaS operations Consulting

I specialize in streamlining operations processes from the start of the sales cycle to customer service management to set your business up for long term success.

David Yahid
Marketing Consulting & RevOps Implementation

We provide assistance to global customers with a range of GTM services, from marketing to business development and even relevant technology implementation services.

Carl Ferreira
Enterprise Sales & Consulting

I offer ongoing coaching as well as once-off workshops to help sales teams build strategy on how to open and close their top 100 Dream Clients. 

Sheena Burce
GTM Consulting

We help B2B businesses define and implement their GTM strategy through our digital marketing & sales coaching, as well as through playbooks.

Daniel Yusipov

Website Development

We offer highly efficient and appealing websites, and can accommodate any tasks regarding UX/UI. Most tasks you request are completed in less than 2-3 days.

Eli Serfaty & Shay Thieberg

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Experts

We are LinkedIn Certified Experts, who help businesses enhance their visibility on LinkedIn. Our B2B-focused services include comprehensive page management, LinkedIn ads, and strategic ghostwriting for executives.

Dr Richard Chambers

Wellbeing & Leadership Consultant

Over the past 20+ years, I have provide strategic consulting, keynotes, online courses, group programs & 1:1 coaching services to dozens of industry-leading organisations, including Fortune 500 Companies.

Kelly Cline

EdTech Content Strategy and Marketing Enablement

I help EdTech solution providers reach k12 decision-makers with strategic content marketing. This includes messaging, positioning and marketing assets like blogs, email sequences, and case studies.

Sharon Melamed

Business Service Matchmaking

Our free platform connects you to top-tier providers within a range of services such as consulting, training, outsourcing and more. Named Australia’s Business of the Year and Best Digital Platform in 2023!

Billy Mitchell

Paid Media Agency

We ignite revenue growth through strategic Digital Ad Placement and a harmonious blend of services. A decade of expertise fuels success stories in our proven, efficient ecosystem. We your Growth Marketing keystone.

Rayna Glumac

EdTech Consultant

We provide support for start-ups, schools, districts, foundations, corporations, and advocacy organizations through our procurement, market strategy, curriculum, professional learning and advisory work.

Morgan Murray

MoodMe & NOVUS Professional Services

As a VP in the software industry, I bring a dynamic blend of passion and expertise as a sports enthusiast, software expert, and devoted Australian Shepherd lover, driving innovation and success in our partnerships.

Elad Hefetz

Airfleet B2B Marketing Experts

We offer services for tech b2b marketers to optimize their websites for better business results. Our services start from visual identity, websites strategy, website design, development, conversion optimization, SEO and marketing automation.

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