Digital & Web Accessibility Industry Leader

This company came to Whistle for assistance with tackling one simple problem: converting their trial users to paid users.

Campaign dates: Mar 2022 – Sep 2022


Meetings scheduled 


SQLs generated

WiseStamp Case Study
Digital & Web Accessibility Case Study

Target Industry

Computer Software

Company Size

51 – 200

Target Location


About This Company

This company is a digital accessibility innovator and a leader in the web accessibility industry. They create advanced web solutions from websites, as well as applications to pdfs, all while ensuring ADA compliance without refactoring your website’s existing code.


 The client provided Whistle with a list of users based on who had downloaded and installed the free widget. As a product-led company, their difficulties did not lie in their ability to find leads. The main issue they were facing was a team and a process that could convert those free trial users into paid users.


Whistle stepped in strategically, in a sales-assist capacity. Two Whistle Appointment Setters prospected the list provided by the company in order to identify and migrate the trial users onto the paid widget. They were assigned the specific tasks of booking and holding meetings with clients in order to “close” the deal.


Campaign dates: Mar 2022 – Sep 2022


meetings scheduled


SQLs created


deals closed worth $43K


resellers were signed up


sales converted from those resellers


SQLs were still in progress


in SQLs still in progress


meetings still to be held

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