SDR Agency vs SDR for Hire – Know the Difference

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SDRs are probably one of the biggest driving forces within a company’s revenue generation stream. Trained in the art of inbound and outbound sales, a good SDR can be the difference between just meeting your sales numbers and having a fantastic month. Sometimes, companies rely on SDRs for hire, other times an SDR agency would be the better answer. As an SDR agency, Whistle is perfectly positioned to offer the best possible solution to your inbound and outbound needs. We take a look at the differences between the two offerings and some of the ways they can be utilized to maximize your sales efficacy.


SDR for Hire

Whistle’s SDR for hire are highly-trained, experienced professionals that can be hired into an organization’s existing systems in order to boost revenue growth as well as increase the headcount of the company. Our appointment setters for hire all come with a minimum of two years industry-specific experience, Hubspot sales certification as well as Whistle SDR Sales Academy certificates. These individuals are not just proficient in sales but also in the languages that your prospects expect to hear. English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese are just some of the languages that our SDRs call their own. They have a global presence and operate in the same time zones as your prospects. Having SDRs for hire as part of your sales team also offers flexibility in terms of switching out or scaling up. Either one requires only a 10-day lead time to implement, meaning that your organization can be more responsive to the demands that it may be facing at any given time. 


SDR Agency

The SDR agency option offers businesses a more comprehensive means to an end. This service is completely incorporated into your systems and includes: your predetermined SDR contingent, an Account Manager who uses strategy and historical data to ensure that every campaign stays on track, a Team Leader that makes certain weekly targets are met and that progress is reported. The agency looks after any and all messaging via agreed channels on behalf of the client. Whistle will also assist with enhancing operations by constantly optimizing CRM and by providing the organization with 500 contact enrichment credits. We assist with understanding and determining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Part of the Whistle process is assessing your client database and developing a Go To Market strategy that prioritizes leads that are most likely to convert to customers. In addition, our SDR agency provides accurate reporting that is supplemented by weekly meetings to assess and optimize messaging and tactics.


SDR Agency or SDR for Hire?

Our SDR for hire service is ideal for any business that has all the requisite processes and management structures in place. This system also requires a steady stream of high quality data and a content writing team that creates great messaging. The only thing that would be missing from the winning formula would be an SDR or team of SDRs to bring their strategy and messaging to life.

Whistle offers organizations a complete SDR agency service. This end-to-end service is designed to increase your sales pipeline and enable growth at scale.  Whistle’s SDR agency service is ideal for early stage companies that are looking to have a bigger presence but don’t have the sales force numbers, time, resources or expertise to go it alone.  An SDR agency can assist smaller entities with their strategy and messaging allowing them to offer their clients the same level of service as much larger businesses.


The sales force requirements and strategies of any business are constantly evolving. Whether your organization needs a single SDR, a team of SDRs or an SDR agency, Whistle has the ability to meet those needs.

Each of our offerings are customized to maximize results and make the best use of available resources. Short lead times and the ability to scale up quickly and efficiently means that your organization will always be able to respond quickly to changes in the market.