Why Your PLG Campaign Needs the Whistle Touch

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Lauren Newalani

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You have probably heard about Product Led Growth or PLG in many a meeting. So, what is it exactly and why is it important to Whistle’s clients?

We’ve got the scoop.

PLG is all about letting the product be the star of the show, think Spotify, Canva or even Apple. The product, virtually, sells itself and is responsible for the acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention of customers. As an SDR, it is your responsibility to assist clients by facilitating opportunities for prospects to get full value from a product via the premium version or to re-engage with a product that they may have used previously. 



We help our clients identify when to upsell to customers. We ensure our appointment setters work hand-in-hand with sales teams and through rigorous training are able to spot opportunities for clients. The appointment setter is then able to guide the satisfied prospect through the upselling process. 



Our SDR team helps clients implement a customized sales plan based on delivering sales and increasing product-led growth. We help your sales team convert clients to higher tier packages based on their signup data, product usage and interaction with your platform. This lets us identify real opportunities to connect with users and develop the best buyer journey for them. We offer our clients a simple, affordable method of activating their free users and upselling lower spend users. At last, a system that virtually eliminates underutilized customer accounts and lost opportunities.



Whistle’s SDR team helps your sales team develop a system that monitors and nurtures leads on your platform. Every lead should be contacted within minutes of the trigger action and every trial user has the opportunity to speak to an onboarding specialist. This level of customer attention not only ensures the brand remains top-of-mind with customers but also goes a long way to building brand loyalty.



Part of the Whistle  process is to actively assess clients’ sales and marketing processes and suss out areas that can be improved on. Our SDR team prides itself on being honest with clients and this honesty (brutal as it may be sometimes) is what leads to positive changes for clients. 



After all is said and done, we sit back for a moment of reflection, where we evaluate the data from the campaign. We look at what worked, what didn’t deliver on expectations and how we can strategize for the future. After all, hindsight lets us see the context of what happened but our post-campaign sessions gives us the added gift of foresight.


With the right plan and the right team, the PLG world is a natural, intuitive progression that lets clients see the benefits of premium packages and creates meaningful brand interaction and loyalty.