A customer relationship management platform needed Whistle to assist South African partners in building their pipeline.

Campaign dates: Sept 2023 to Dec 2023


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At Zendesk, we’re on a mission to simplify the complexity of business and make it easy for companies and customers to create connections. We show companies how to unlock the power of everyday customer interactions so they can make those experiences extraordinary. Our API allows our clients to get customer data in front of agents in ways that create a more personalized experience.


Whistle is bought in to assist Zendesk South African partners in building their Zendesk pipeline.


We partnered up with Zendesk to improve their partnership pipeline. We work very closely with Zendesk and their partners to ensure qualified meetings are scheduled. Constantly.  This was a POC concept which has proved to be successful and we are looking into expanding into other Geos.


Campaign dates: Sept 2023 to Dec 2023


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