The Ultimate Guide to RevOps for SDR Campaigns

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Lauren Newalani

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Revops or Revenue Operations is a strategically implemented business function that seeks to maximize the revenue potential of an organization. This is accomplished through the integration of the sales, marketing and administrative departments in order to give a better end-to-end view of the business and helps remove silos that could exist in the business. We take a look at how the SDR Agency, Whistle, can help streamline your RevOps processes and co-ordinate your sales efforts to achieve the best results possible.


Is RevOps Right for You?

Is your business in need of RevOps revitalization? How do you know if your organization is doing everything to maximize efforts and profits? Most importantly, are there any loopholes in your systems that are leaving potential profit on the table? This is possibly the biggest and most serious blunder that any growing enterprise can be guilty of.

If your business is just embarking on its growth journey and you are looking to scale up your operations, it becomes easier for customer data to be misplaced between departments. This leads to a drop in customer satisfaction due to administrative errors. A further knock-on result is the loss of clients. After all, it only takes one negative experience to cause a client to leave the brand.

Whistle’s operations service is designed for both new businesses that need to build their CRM from scratch, as well as established businesses that need help fixing and maintaining their current systems.

What Do Our RevOps Services Include?


Data Migration – We help ensure that your business does not lose any of its current data as it begins the transition to HubSpot. Whistle helps you import, migrate and connect your data from your previous system or CRM.

Onboarding and Implementation – Seeing as HubSpot is completely customizable to your business’ needs, you will want to be sure that your HubSpot system is built to scale and has the potential to grow with your business. This will give your business the best foundation and structure to be successful.

Automations and Workflows – One of the biggest benefits of RevOps is efficiency. One of the best ways to create efficiency is through automation. An organization’s automation process can be an end-to-end system, ie. It can start with lead generation and end with customer successes. 

HubSpot Training – Whistle will train your team to use Hubspot correctly. In fact, we promise that your staff will be completely competent and self-sufficient. 

Reporting – Reporting is an essential function of any SDR agency and Whistle is no different. It allows you to measure your progress and manage that progress with greater efficacy. Whistle can help recommend and build custom reports and dashboards that empower you to make critical, strategic business decisions.

Data Maintenance – We will give your records the spring-clean that they probably desperately need. We can help eliminate duplication of records by merging fragmented information. We also match activities, deals, company and contact records in order to create a single, streamlined information source for your business.


At Whistle, we understand that RevOps is an end-to-end process and that all stages of the prospect journey are equally important. We have years of experience in successfully building and maintaining CRM’s for highly-successful organizations. Our RevOps strategy and implementation will allow your business to co-ordinate and streamline its efforts, increase efficiency and maximize revenue generation.