Second Nature, an innovative AI company, faced the challenge of boosting meeting rates while needing to increase their conversion rates.

Campaign dates: Feb 2021 to Apr 2022


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Full Time SDR

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Professional Training Technology

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11 – 50

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Series A

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About this client

Second Nature is an innovative AI company that offers personalized, adaptive training to businesses. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, they analyze user behavior to create customized training programs that ensure maximum engagement and retention. Their training covers a wide range of topics, and they provide both off-the-shelf courses and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.


Second Nature’s challenge was to elevate their meeting rate, which required them to schedule and vet leads from various sources such as registered leads, events, webinars, paid media, and outbound outreach. Subsequently, they had to convert those leads into confirmed meetings.


To tackle the challenges, Whistle developed messaging and stories to bolster their outreach endeavors and stationed two SDRs within Second Nature’s sales model to connect with all their lead sources. Whistle also cleaned the pool of leads concentrating only on the given ICP. Saving time and effort for Second Nature’s Sales team. Furthermore, Whistle  successfully raised brand awareness for Second Nature.


Campaign dates: Feb 2021 to Apr 2022


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