New Player in The Game? Outbound Tips

Lauren Newalani

Lauren Newalani

Content Writer for Whistle with multidisciplinary experience spanning over a decade.


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So, you started up your company, jumped through all the hoops you needed to, to get your business registered and even managed to find decent premises. What next? You need revenue. The problem is that the market is pretty thin. The big players have swallowed up most of the pie and you have very little to aim your sales initiatives at. Not true! Bigger companies are not as agile, dynamic or responsive as you can be. Forget the crumbs. You are in a position to take a big bite of that pie for yourself and you need only start with their unhappiest clients. 

Whistle CEO, David Zeff, offers some insight, “Their churn is your treasure and they will be losing people everyday for all sorts of reasons that you can likely compete on.” We take a look at some good places to start sinking your teeth into.



While bigger companies may be able to get better prices on products or materials, they also have shareholders to satisfy. This means that their service costs are generally higher in order to keep profit margins healthy and Directors holidaying in the Maldives. We promise, their overhead percentages are much higher than yours. Having a huge staff complement comes at a very hefty price for their organization. You know that you can beat their service costs, what are you waiting for? This will help increase your revenue.


Customer Service

‘It’s not personal, it’s business.’ – Utter nonsense. No customer wants to be treated like just another number. Customers want you to know their name. They want to know that you care about their business and that you are not going to make them wait in line in a virtual call center listening to ‘From a Distance’, by Bette Midler. You are more agile and dynamic than the dinosaurs of the industry and are able to attend to customers’ needs faster and more efficiently. 



Whether it’s an emergency callout or assisting with setting up a customer’s product, you can help. Why? Because you are not restricted by a myriad levels of paperwork and bureaucracy. Big business takes forever to process customers’ requests and those long lead times usually result in dissatisfied customers. No customer wants to hear that they will be attended to in 5-7 working days. They want an organization to say, “Don’t worry. I will swing by. We will get you up and running in no time.”


“How do I find these customers?”, you may ask. Enter Whistle, our highly-trained, specialized team of SDRs take a good look at the social pages of big corporations and carefully identify individuals and businesses that match your Ideal Client Profile. We give them a call. Chances are they are looking to make a change. The only thing stopping you from increasing your revenue, is you.

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