Whistle’s Inbound Process

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The inbound marketing and sales strategy of any organization is an integral part of its revenue generation. While most companies settle on a comfortable mix of inbound and outbound methods, there is a lot to be said for understanding the intricacies of inbound. As a specialist SDR agency, Whistle offers some insight into the system it employs to maximize inbound results.


How Whistle Rolls (Out a New Inbound Campaign)

Whistle follows a 10-day onboarding process that puts in place an appropriate strategy that takes into account real-world conditions across the globe. As an SDR agency with a global footprint, Whistle SDRs have unique insight into local conditions. That in turn gives Whistle’s clients the added advantage of an informed sales team.  Data that is relevant to the client’s industry is collated, analyzed and manually verified to deliver the best leads for SDRs to use in campaigns.  

Content is then created in consultation with the client’s marketing team to drive action via social, email and phone. All of these actions are incorporated into a CRM system in order to measure efficacy of each. One of the key factors that makes Whistle a leading SDR agency is that campaigns are monitored, customized and optimized in order to deliver maximum results. Whistle SDRs are also subject to a rigorous training and on-boarding process on client’s systems. This means that they are fully capable and prepared before any client interaction.


Inbound Battlecards Unpacked

Whistle SDRs are equipped with a unique tool for contacting clients. Their battlecards cover the steps that should be followed when contacting clients. It is an end-to-end document that underpins the tone and purpose-driven nature of the mail. It has been carefully created to be engaging, communicative and helpful. It is this specific strategy of being informative and non-pushy that differentiates Whistle emails from the masses of circling ‘sales sharks’ that flood client’s inboxes daily.


How We Link with Prospects 

Every SDR follows specific, deliberate steps when contacting prospects on LinkedIn. The first step would be to ‘like’ a post and then send a personalized request to connect with them. The next step would be to ‘like’ another post that is relevant and leave a comment. Following this the SDR is in a position to begin a conversation with the prospect. Sharing of assets via LinkedIn is another excellent method of building rapport with a prospect and solidifying your role as a helpful and informed contact. Once the relationship has been established and a good level of familiarity is reached, a meeting request can be sent to the prospect. 

The Whistle method of inbound marketing and sales is a customized approach that relies on extensive research and a thorough understanding of the client’s market. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that work. 

Our approach is that of the ‘concierge’ that provides assistance and solutions to prospects’ pain points. This ultimately lets prospects see the relationship as beneficial to them and the sale as a natural progression toward a solution. For more information on Whistle’s inbound marketing process, click here.