How to Sell to Enterprise Executives: Tips for SDRs

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Selling to enterprise executives can be a challenging task for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). However, by following a few key steps, you can increase your chances of setting up an enterprise meeting with an executive.


Step 1: Find Evidence of a Problem You Can Solve

The first step to setting up a successful enterprise meeting is to find evidence of a problem that your product or service can solve. This can be achieved through research and by reaching out to non-executives to get their input.

For example, if SDRs want to learn about a company’s pipeline generation, they should reach out to an account executive rather than the VP of Marketing. This can provide valuable insights that will help tailor your pitch to the executive’s specific needs.


Step 2: Get an Introduction

Once you have identified a problem that you can solve, the next step is to get an introduction to the executive. This can be achieved by leveraging the relationship you have built with your “on the ground” contact and using the knowledge gained from step one.

For example, SDRs might say something like, “Bob, I was speaking with Jack and I understand that you’re needing some further pipeline coverage in APAC. I also noticed that it’s one of the key strategic regions that {company x} is looking to target this year. We have helped dozens of companies generate {$$$} in this region and I was hoping we could connect to see if we could do the same for {company x}.”


Step 3: Customize Your Approach

Customizing your approach is essential when selling to enterprise executives. Your message needs to be tailored to their specific needs and pain points. Executives receive a lot of outreach from different companies, so your message needs to stand out. You also need to be mindful of the executive’s schedule and preferences.


Step 4: Demonstrate Value

When selling to enterprise executives, it’s important to demonstrate the value that your product or service can provide. Focus on how it can help the company achieve its goals and provide specific examples of how your solution has helped similar companies in the past.


Step 5: Follow Up

Following up is essential when selling to enterprise executives. It’s unlikely that you’ll close a deal after just one meeting. You need to follow up regularly and keep the conversation going.


Setting up an enterprise meeting with an executive requires an approach that demonstrates the value your product or service provides. Following the above step by step process, can increase your chances of building strong relationships that lead to successful deals.

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