Getting Personal with Outbound Campaigns

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In today’s digital world we are bombarded with cold calls and emails. So, how do we set ourselves apart from the competition? Personalization. It has become a necessary part of  marketing and sales strategy but many companies are still using it incorrectly. Here are some tips on how to improve personalization and increase your close rate. 


What’s In a Name? A Lot, Actually

Outbound campaigns can be tricky because you are reaching out to leads that do not know who you are and are probably not too familiar with the product you are selling. So, how do you get them to put their trust in you? Referring to them by name is a good starting point, however, it’s not as simple as that. Using a lead’s name and simply copy/pasting a bulk email will still come across as feeling automated. Doing your research on an individual and the company they represent will immediately create a favorable impression and will set your communication apart from the competition.

Let’s assume that you already know the demographic you are targeting. You still need a strategy. Your outreach needs to be carefully designed in order to persuade the lead to take action. A good way to do this is to collect as much information about a lead as possible; what they do, how well they do it and their needs. This knowledge shows that you are informed about who you are reaching out to and will enable free-flowing, two-way communication.


A Well-Placed Compliment Works Wonders

A great way to start a conversation with anyone is to say something you really like about them. This works the same way in business. All prospects are just people, so if you see something you like or something you think they’re doing well… don’t be shy, comment on it! Be careful though, too many instances of praise and flattery could leave you sounding as schmoozy as a used car salesman. 

This also provides a great segue into a conversation about what they do and what their needs are, which is the perfect opportunity for you to start your pitch. Even if the lead is not necessarily ready to purchase your product, the small step of you having introduced yourself and your company means that you have made an impression. When the lead is ready or knows of a company in need of your product, they are much more inclined to approach you as you and your organization are top-of-mind with the client.


Automation Is Not the Enemy

Too many companies are hesitant of communication automation at the risk of sounding artificial. However, if you were to personalize every email you send out and every script for your cold calls, you would not be working very efficiently. One of the benefits of an outbound campaign is that it offers you the opportunity to grow your potential client base. This would not be possible if you spent too much time on every lead. Your emails and calls do not need to be solely focused on one specific person, but rather the job title and the needs of that particular target group.

Marketing automation is what makes 21st century life possible. It results in a better audience penetration and can provide you with valuable data about the different demographics you are targeting. Once you have this information about each specific group, it can be used to personalize your emails and calls. As an SDR, you’ll know more about how to approach your leads and what their specific needs are. 


Get Your Battlecards Out

Once you have the necessary information, you can start to adapt your battlecard for the all-important sales call. What is a Battlecard? These have replaced the pitch script and are client specific documents that hold all the information an SDR needs to deliver calls in a conversational manner. They contain personas, competitors and a cold call skeleton with leading questions. The SDRs can then fill in the blanks to create a more comprehensive document as well as build confidence in their product and conversation.


Why Does Personalization Matter?

Personalization is not all about higher open rates for emails or longer conversations during cold calls, but rather about winning over the leads’ attention and ultimately, their business. People deserve to know that whoever is calling them is not wasting their time. Time is an invaluable commodity in today’s busy world. It is your job to make sure that a lead does not waste a single second reading an overly automated email or listening to a dry pitch. 

Personalization might sound as though it takes a lot of time and skill. However, with the internet at our fingertips and Whistle’s SDRs conducting a little bit of research prior to reaching out to a lead, making real connections with leads is easier than you might think.

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