Mindset, Money and Muscle

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Any successful business person will attest to the fact that physical and mental health is a key contributor to business success.

The discipline of exercise paired with the endorphins let you experience effort and reward as well as letting you set goals and work toward achieving them. Whether it’s hitting leg day hard, getting your fix of hot yoga, running that extra 5km or nailing the landing on that tricky mountain bike trail, leading a healthy lifestyle has lots of amazing benefits.  Whistle CEO David Zeff sat down with RevGenius Partner Success Manager Bre Sprague and Typing DNA’s Senior Vice President Tim Savage to talk about the positive impact fitness has on your career and your overall well being. These are some of their takeaways.


How Does Your Health Impact Your Job?

Your physical health directly impacts your ability to work harder, longer and have longer periods of concentration. All these factors result in the ability to be more effective and efficient at your job function. Physical health impacts mental health through better hormonal and chemical balances in the body and this in turn has a positive effect on decision making and motivation.

Being healthy is also cheaper as the costs related to curative healthcare can be very steep. The cumulative effects of having lots of sick people in society is that the economy and country also suffer from lost revenue and decreased productivity.


Getting Into the Right Mindset

Know that showing up is most of the work and that once you make the effort of taking the first step toward any goal, the rest becomes easier. Whether it’s getting to the gym or getting to work or just getting out of bed is that positive first step that makes all the difference.

To quote Yoda, “No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Trying is lying: keep the promises you make yourself. It sets a good precedent for the rest of your life and is a great way to create your own system of challenges and rewards. Make being active the norm. It is a habit that you have to cultivate before it takes hold as a lifestyle. A good way to ensure that you stay motivated is to surround yourself with active people.


Find What Fuels You

The ethos is exactly the same for fitness and business, you need to find something that excites you and fuels your passion. Nobody wants to go to work or to any kind of fitness routine if it feels like punishment. Doing something fun and rewarding makes it easier to stick to your promises. You will also find yourself on the receiving end of better and faster results when you do something that you love.


‘No Time’ Is No Excuse!

Not having any time is a terribly weak excuse for not getting active. There are 24 hours in a day and not being able to take one of them for your self-improvement doesn’t sound like a truthful answer. You don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit. Think outside the box and find some fun, innovative ways to stay active. Frisbee with the dog, laser tag or even bowling can get your heartrate up and the endorphins flowing. Set short-term goals in order to achieve your long-term vision. 


You have to find time to invest in yourself if you want to present the best version of yourself to the world. Your ‘best self’ is always a work in progress and can be your reason to celebrate on a daily basis.