Needed assistance in cleaning up their HubSpot and in creating accurate data reporting.

Implementation period: 4 Weeks



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About Produce8

Produce8 is a work analytics platform that helps organizations quickly improve work habits, focus, and team productivity.

Project Scope

Produce8 approached Whistle to clean up their Hubspot, this included changing the way that the marketing, SDR, Sales, and Customer Success teams worked with contacts, companies, deals, and tickets.


Tensorleap uses Hubspot Marketing Professional for lead generation and deal creation. They use Outreach for their SDRs where the goal is to book meetings.

We set out to create valuable properties that were automated to give the Sales Manager the best insight into what the SDRs were doing as well as the performance of their lead generation efforts. This of course also had to be synced with the Outreach platform. Additionally, we automated things like the source of the lead as well as tagging leads that came from events.

Outreach also didn’t allow for two-way sync of the “Lead Status” property so we had to find a good native way of fixing this. This was finally done with 2 custom properties (one on Outreach and one on Hubspot) that would create a free text “Lead Status” field and send it to Outreach. As soon as it was in Outreach, we could build Outreach triggers to update the real “Lead Status” property.


Our goal was to create a coherent lead flow so that all relevant departments would work in sync.

We did this by designing a custom lead flow just for Produce 8, detailing exactly where the lead handover between departments would happen

The Results

Once we had rules in place as to what each team uses and tracks we could start building valuable and accurate reports. We created a dashboard for the marketing team to show lead generation and social success, an SDR dashboard highlighting outreach activities and meetings booked, a sales dashboard highlighting deals and where they are lost along the funnel, as well as a customer success dashboard we’re the client could track the onboarding efforts.

As such, Produce8 now has a completely new HubSpot setup, where all properties, flow, and processes are clear and understood, allowing for a more effective and efficient lead flow.