Why Contactability and Channel Verification Matter

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As a leading SDR agency, we understand the necessity of focusing on contactability and channel verification to enhance lead generation and customer acquisition. While identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Total Contactable Market (TCM) is crucial, it’s equally essential to evaluate which communication channels your leads are most responsive to.

Here’s the deal: just having a sense of your ideal customer profile and total contactable market won’t get you far in terms of reaching out to potential clients.

Different people have different response rates depending on the communication channel, and for B2B, there are three main channels we reach out to buyers on: phone, LinkedIn, and email. Each of these channels requires a different approach, and our market validation program assesses which channels your leads are most likely to be contactable on. This information helps shape your marketing and SDR strategies, so it’s a step that simply can’t be skipped.

The primary goal of our contactability and channel verification process is to evaluate which are the most effective communication channels for your campaign.  Each channel is scored from one to three (one being the least effective and three the most effective).



Email Channel will be scored 1-3, based on whether the email is accurate and we have a read receipt (3), whether the email is accurate but we don’t have a read receipt (2), whether the email may or may not be accurate (1).



Phone Channel will be scored from 1-3, based on whether the person answers the phone directly (3), the phone number reaches their personal voicemail (2) or if there is a gatekeeper or extension path with no direct answer or voicemail (1).



Linkedin Channel will be scored 1-3, based on whether the person has a fully built profile with over 500 followers and has had activity in the past week (3), if the person has a profile built with less than 500 followers and activity in more than the past week (2), if the person has no profile or hardly any activity on Linkedin (1).


ICP Report

The market validation program we offer also includes an ICP Report, which is a critical tool for SDR agencies and founders alike. This report summarizes the Total Contactable Market (TCM), Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and Channel Validation. It provides an in-depth analysis of the ideal customer profile, including both founder and prospect company information criteria, and highlights the selection of target companies with varying ranges of employees.

The ICP report also offers contactability scoring for each channel, which helps identify the most effective communication sequences and processes to obtain feedback from leads. It provides recommendations to improve and increase conversion rates, ensuring the SDR portion of the sales process is successful. By using this report, we are able to enhance contactability and increase conversion rates, making it easier to identify relevant buying contacts and the best outreach channels to reach them.


Contactability and channel verification are vital to succeed in today’s competitive market. By meeting buyers where they are, you’re more likely to accelerate your sales process.

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