This is how we took Whistle's monthly website visits from 653 to 24K in 10 months.

3 575%

Increase in visitors to the website


Meetings booked in 10 months

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Here's what we did

Since June, we have been putting a lot of effort into increasing our website visibility for greater inbound lead generation. In the first 3 months we mainly focused on market research, optimizing our website design & copy, and SEO. We then launched our Paid Ads in mid September. 

By conducting market research and implementing SEO strategies, we improved our website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This led to increased total visits to our website. Once we made sure that our website and brand was optimized for our ideal customer persona, we implemented our Paid Ads – and powered with our SEO – we saw our traffic increase exponentially. 

Not only does a strategic SEO and Paid Ads strategy bring increased traffic, it also increases your brand awareness – which is why we saw consistent increases in our new visitors to our website. These strategies helped us in reaching new audiences who were previously unfamiliar with our brand.


Unfortunately, with the increase of our website traffic did come an increase in our bounce rate (which is when a user does not move off the first page they entered on before exiting). There are many reasons for this, however, we identified two main causes:

Irrelevant Traffic:

With increased visibility, we attracted visitors who aren’t necessarily interested in our content or offerings. Which led them to leave our website without exploring more. In order to fix this, we are being more careful in the type of content we publish (in terms of blogs, case studies, and other resources). 

Mobile Responsiveness:

We have a lot of content on our site, and not all of it is mobile-friendly. As more users access websites from mobile devices, a lack of mobile optimization can lead to a higher bounce rate. In order to fix this, we are working through all the content that needs to be optimized for mobile.

Keyword Strategy

Even with a slight increase in our bounce rate, we still had many other successes due to our implemented strategies.

In June, we were ranking for under 100 keywords on Google, we are currently ranking for 284. This means that when a prospective client uses these keywords or variations of these keywords we appear within Google’s search engine result pages (which means in the top 100 for each of these keywords). At the start of this we conducted some keyword research and chose 20 focus keywords that we wanted to rank highly for due to their relevance and monthly search volume. 


June 2023 – March 2024


monthly visitors in March from 653 in June


increase in total monthly visitors


meetings booked since June


in opportunities created


keywords we are ranking for

We are currently ranking on the first page of Google for 17 out of our 20 chosen keywords, due to optimizing our website copy and resource content around these keywords.

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