This industry-leading vacation rental platform was in lead generation, customer acquisition, and revenue growth through a targeted campaign.

Campaign dates: Jun 2023 to Aug 2023


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Wander is the industry-leading vacation rental platform. Now we’re introducing Wander REIT – the first and only institutional-grade, vacation rental investment product that transforms our customers into owners. Partner with us to build the travel experience of the future.


Wander did not have the capacity to manage their Service Bell campaign on their own. They utilized our Agency to run the campaign for them. The purpose of the campaign was to increase lead generation, customers, and revenue for Wander by speaking to potential clients, through the Service Bell platform, who visited their website.


Placed 1ft rep to cover website visitors. First POC with Service Bell.

By utilizing Service Bell, to monitor and enhance website visits, we have been able to seamlessly engage with visitors who have shown interest in the services on Wanders REIT website. This approach involves not only tracking these live leads but also actively interacting with them in real-time. 

One of the key objectives in this process was to qualify leads effectively. This involved delving deeper into their specific needs, understanding their pain points, and assessing whether Wander services aligned with their requirements.


Campaign dates: Jun 2023 to Aug 2023


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