The Ultimate Guide to SDR for Hire

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A Sales Development Representative or SDR is an integral element of any organization’s revenue generation stream. They are the first line of contact with prospects and have the power to make or break the sales process for the company. As an SDR agency, Whistle prides itself on having some of the best SDRs in the world. We take a look at what an ‘SDR for hire’ is and how they could help give your organization the competitive edge.


What is SDR for Hire

An SDR for hire is an externally contracted salesperson that usually is employed on an ad-hoc or per campaign basis. They offer a range of professional services that form part of their daily routines and can easily be incorporated into the organization’s existing sales team.
SDR for hire is one of the many services offered by Whistle to our clients that require on-demand, trained and experienced SDRs who can be hired into existing systems to fuel revenue growth. 

Our Whistle SDR Qualifications include:

  • 2 years + Sales/ SDR experience – Our SDRs have a minimum of two years of experience, usually in very highly performing teams. They are disciplined and dedicated to their profession. 
  • Work experience in your Industry  – Whistle is deliberately specific about the types of experience that our SDRs have. We also believe in hiring individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. This makes our SDR teams some of the most versatile in the industry.
  • Hubspot Sales Certified – All Whistle SDRs are Hubspot trained and certified to be fully competent using CRM to track prospects through the sales process.
  • Whistle SDR Training Academy Certified – Every SDR undergoes an intensive in-house training program that ensures their ability to function as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Global coverage – With clients all over the world, our SDR teams officially cover all time zones. 


How Does it Differ From Traditional SDRs?

Utilizing the ‘SDR for hire’ option allows your company the flexibility to decide when you want your sales team to be working and for how long. This is opposed to the traditional method of hiring an internal SDR that would be working an 8-hour day, 5 days a week. In addition to the increased efficiency, Whistle offers the added benefits of data research, copywriting, management and strategy teams. Whistle’s SDRs have a mere 10-day lead time to hire and launch. Compare that to the usual 45-day lead time for the internal SDR equivalent and you have a substantial time differential. Factor in the time saved in terms of lag time and training and your company could be setting meetings weeks before your competitors. Flexibility isn’t limited to just working hours, Whistle SDRs for hire work on a month to month basis thereby avoiding the long-term commitment of employing an internal SDR. 


Who Needs SDR for Hire?

Whistle’s SDR for hire service is the perfect outbound sales solution for any business with the correct processes and management already in place. The organization should have a steady stream of high quality data and a content writing team that creates great messaging, but should have the need for an SDR to implement the sales strategy and give outbound sales more impetus..


Why You Should Choose SDR for Hire

On average, it takes companies 3 months to find an SDR, 3 months to train them and then 6 months to lose them. Your company doesn’t have to go through the vicious cycle and waste valuable time. Not only are Whistle SDRs fluent in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese, they are efficient, competent and ready to hit the ground running. 

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