The Ultimate Guide to Data on Demand

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To any business, knowledge of their market and customers goes a long way to ensuring successful outcomes year-on-year. This is infinitely more important for an SDR agency as it relies on its knowledge bank to benefit its clients. Whistle’s Data on Demand service is a resource that gives current, industry-specific insight into the minds of customers. This allows clients to be proactive rather than reactive to changes in the market. We look at why Data on Demand is important and what makes our data different.


Why Do You Need Data on Demand?

With markets in a constant state of flux due to a host of external factors, it is of critical importance that businesses are equipped with the latest information. It is equally important that this information is accurate in every way. A business decision based on flawed information could have catastrophic consequences for the organization. A data-driven approach to sales allows a business to personalize its messaging, better understand and meet the needs of its customers and create further opportunities for sales later on in the client’s product life cycle. Having high-quality data will also enable your sales team to spot current and future trends as well as increase team productivity. Accurate data analysis also gives your team the ability to personalize all their marketing efforts and prioritize their focus on high-value prospects. Detailed analysis of customer and market data may even result in new opportunities for your business to pursue.


How We Do Data on Demand

One of the secrets to our success as a lead generation agency is the verification process that it undertakes with all its data. More to the point, it is human verified by our data team to ensure that 100% of SDRs time is spent on reaching out to contacts who are still in the same role at the same addresses and have numbers that exist. This is extremely important as the human resource marketplace has become a very fluid landscape post-pandemic.

It’s not enough to just verify contact details, it is essential that SDRs are reaching out to prospects via channels that they are most responsive on. This gives SDRs the best possible chance to have a conversation with a prospect using a channel that the prospect is most comfortable with. To enable this, Whistle’s data teams reach out to prospects across multiple channels and break down which channels they are most responsive on.

The third part of our data verification trifecta focuses on the market that the organization is focused on. A lead generation agency should have detailed information on the markets that its clients wish to operate in. This includes but is not limited to; those that are willing to buy, those who show interest but aren’t in the market and disqualify those who are never going to be in the market for your solution.

The data teams run independent surveys on prospects to determine which of them identify with the pain that the provider is solving, have a solution in place or would consider a solution. We also determine if they are open to speaking with vendors in the next 6 months. We provide these prospects with a custom report on the responses for them to learn about how their peers are standing with regard to the challenge and solutions. Whistle then routes the in-market leads open to being contacted, to sales teams who put together an informed approach to the prospects, armed with the knowledge they have gained. The nurturing of leads is handled by the SDR teams, who simply either set up conversations with the prospects or build relationships with them for future sales engagement. Finally, the non-respondents can be either disregarded from immediate focus or added to a gentle nurturing sequence to keep in mind for future reference.


Why Scalability is No Big Deal

Since we’re scaling at such an incredible rate – it makes sense to ensure that our Data Department is able to scale at the same rate while still delivering the same level of accuracy, care and attention that we have always strived for. Whistle’s Data Department Scaling model has grouped data teams into pods with each pod servicing their own group of clients. This ensures that no matter how much Whistle scales – the client is still receiving the same high level of service.


The lifeblood of any SDR agency is its ability to understand markets and the behaviors of prospects within that market. Our Data on Demand service attempts to empower its clients with the data they need to make informed and profitable decisions.