They needed help setting up Hubspot and integrating Outreach to create a coherent sales funnel for tracking and reporting.

Implementation period: 3 months



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About Tensorleap is a cutting-edge platform that specializes in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It offers a wide range of advanced tools and resources designed to empower businesses and researchers in harnessing the power of data.

Project Scope

  • Create a coherent sales funnel where leads can be tracked accurately throughout the full sales funnel (from form submission/manual upload to a closed won/lost deal.
  • Allow the sales team to accurately mark leads via status and other properties to understand where leads are being lost throughout the funnel.
  • Create accurate and valuable reporting to achieve a top-down view of sales activities and success rates.
  • Create forms and automation for leads to flow into the system and automatically get assigned to the relevant rep


Tensorleap uses Hubspot Marketing Professional for lead generation and deal creation. They use Outreach for their SDRs where the goal is to book meetings.

We set out to create valuable properties that were automated to give the Sales Manager the best insight into what the SDRs were doing as well as the performance of their lead generation efforts. This of course also had to be synced with the Outreach platform. Additionally, we automated things like the source of the lead as well as tagging leads that came from events.

Outreach also didn’t allow for two-way sync of the “Lead Status” property so we had to find a good native way of fixing this. This was finally done with 2 custom properties (one on Outreach and one on Hubspot) that would create a free text “Lead Status” field and send it to Outreach. As soon as it was in Outreach, we could build Outreach triggers to update the real “Lead Status” property.


A sidebar was created (and properties automated) on the contact, company, and deal level to give all parties the ultimate insight into each object. Here is what we created on each relevant object.

Additionally, Whistle built out automation to automate the sales and SDR team’s workflow and remind them of tasks when the process was not followed.

The Results

We were able to create the perfect Hubspot setup for Tensorleap where everything would flow continuously without any manual intervention. The Sales team could focus on their core task (closing deals) and let the system guide them in that direction.

As the majority of properties on the contact, company, and deal records were automated, it made it very easy to draw up accurate and reliable reports. Giving each stakeholder instant insight into how revenue generation was going and where the team was falling short.