This digital marketing platform needed help up scaling their operations in the US.

Campaign dates: Jan 2022 to Dec 2022


167 Meetings Scheduled


Full Time SDR

Target Industry

IT Services

Company Size

11 – 50

Funding Stage

Series A

Target Location


About this client

Sinorbis is a digital marketing platform that helps companies navigate the Chinese market with ease. Their all-in-one solution simplifies the complexities of the Chinese digital landscape by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that cover everything from social media management and search engine optimization to website localization and data analytics.


Sinorbis faced the challenge of establishing processes and scaling up operations in the US, which involved booking qualified meetings to facilitate the Sales Team’s business meetings.


Whistle addressed the challenge by developing target lists based on Sinorbis’ requirements and creating messaging and stories to support their outreach efforts. Whistle also placed two SDRs within the Sinorbis sales model to conduct targeted outreach in the US and assist with booking meetings for the conferences they attended.


Campaign dates: Jan 2022 to Dec 2022


full time SDRs


meetings set by Whistle SDRs

“Whistle helped us to successfully execute our first US outbound campaign last year from October to November. So we have booked 45 meetings from this campaign, which is a great result for us.”

Ada Wong (Business | Development Director):

“Whistle has really become an extension of our team. It doesn’t feel like they’re an outsourced company. We communicate with them on a daily basis and know exactly what’s going on.

Andrea Hoymann | Marketing Director

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