SDR for hire

On-demand trained and experienced SDRs who can be hired into existing systems to fuel revenue growth. 

Our SDR For Hire service is for any business with all the processes and management in place, a steady stream of high quality data and a content writing team that creates great messaging; but needs an SDR/team of SDRs to bring their strategy and messaging to life.
Our SDRs have at least 2 years experience in sales and are Whistle Certified with knowledge of the most popular CRMs and Sales tools.

Internal SDR vs Whistle SDR

On average, it takes companies 3 months to find an SDR, 3 months to train them and then 6 months to lose them.
Internal SDR
Whistle SDR
Average hiring time
3 months
10 days
Average SDR Retention
6 – 12 months
2 years
Average SDR experience
6 – 12 months
2+ years
Training time
3 – 6 months
3 – 6 months
Annual cost of downtime
$12 000
Time to find a replacement
3 months
10 days

Whistle SDR Qualifications

  • 2 years + Sales / SDR experience
  • Work experience in your Industry
  • Hubspot Sales Certified
  • Whistle SDR Training Academy Certified
  • Global coverage

Our Talent Pool

You keep total control of your campaigns with our 10 Day Scale-Up or Switch Out system. Within 10 business days, we will find your perfect SDR and if you’re not 110% happy with them – we’ll find a better fit in 10 days.



6 years of Sales Development experience with a background in: Marketing & Advertising, Fin-tech and Computer Software.

Computer Literacy, Team Leader, Attention to detail, Passionate

A bit about me
I’m a very positive individual with the ability to work alone or part of a team.



10 years of Sales Development experience with a background in: Telecommunications, IT, Computer software and Construction.

Cold calling, Sales Management & Training and Full Cycle Sales

A bit about me
I love engaging with people from around the world and am very dedicated to my craft.



25 years of Sales Development experience specializing in industries such as: SaaS & Enterprise SaaS, Travel and Data.

Communication, Relationship Building, CRM Knowledge

A bit about me
I excel at spotting growth opportunities and turning software solutions into success stories. 

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