Why You Should be Outsourcing Your Sales Campaigns

Lauren Newalani

Lauren Newalani

Content Writer for Whistle with multidisciplinary experience spanning over a decade.


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A molecular biologist is driving down the highway in his vintage Italian sports car. He hears a grinding noise from under the hood and feels the car shudder to a halt. He gets out of the car, reaches for his phone and proceeds to call his mechanic. The moral of the story is simple: no matter how great you are at what you do, there are always some things you should leave to the specialists. Your sales campaigns shouldn’t be any different.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your sales process to a professional SDR agency. We take a closer look at just a few below:


Tapping into Data

Analytics matter. A lot. It is crucial in identifying better prospects and qualifying leads. It helps to drive increased closure rates and equips sales teams to be more efficient. 

At Whistle we religiously collect, interpret and analyze sales data on an ongoing basis not only to perfect sales techniques, but also to offer industry specific insights to prospective clients. We know and understand the 5 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People) as well as the 5 W’s and H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) of sales planning.

Whistle SDR Director, Jodi Sneag, says, “Our SDRs are world-class and are continuously improving through ongoing training, independent research and post-project group sessions. Our sales team is accurately able to use historical data as a predictive model for new product launches, and seasonal campaigns or to identify potential gaps in the market.”


Sales Outsourcing Can Lower Overhead Costs

Who does not want to cut costs, right? Outsourcing your sales function immediately liberates the budget that was previously allocated to the salaries, travel expenses, and company benefits of your in-house sales representatives. It also allows you to eliminate the additional costs incurred with recruiting, training and managing a team that may not bring in the results you are hoping for. Costs related to scalability and capacity also come into play when looking to target a wider market or parts of the market that are currently being underserved. At Whistle, all our client solutions are bespoke, from the handpicked sales team, to the customized cost structure.

Sales Outsourcing Reduces Risk

Exploring new markets can be risky business. Not knowing the business landscape of the area or localized issues may hamper your sales endeavors. This is especially problematic when contemplating expansion into foreign markets. Being a global SDR agency, Whistle has invaluable insight and will be able to make meaningful contributions to your company’s sales strategy. Our SDRs also undertake rigorous training on CRM system, HubSpot , as well as an industry first, AI-based sales training tool Second Nature. This means that they never go into any conversation with a potential lead without being ready for any possibility and outcome. 


Transparency, Consulting and Reporting

Don’t let your sales cycle turn into a protracted and murky process. Silo mentality, inconsistent data measurement and superficial reporting are some of the reasons your sales could be in a slump.

Whistle eliminates uncertainty by working toward clear-cut goals and KPIs. We ensure our clients engage in a comprehensive consultation process that defines SMART objectives, fostering a truly collaborative relationship. Isn’t it great to know that dedicated account managers and team leaders are implementing your sales vision and that all data gathered is fully utilized? Linked to this is an in-depth reporting process that allows you to see the value of the partnership as well as the ability to track the all-important ROI. 

We tailor each team to meet the client’s specific needs based on the SDR’s experience, background and skills set. This offers our clients the best possible sales team with a solid understanding of the subtleties and nuances of every market. The Whistle methodology is able to suggest best practice through a 3-pronged approach – calling, emails and Linkedin.


Outsourcing your sales initiatives isn’t flirting with disaster. In fact, making use of a professional SDR agency is an excellent way to save money and get to market faster. Trusting Whistle with your external sales service shouldn’t be seen as relinquishing control of one of your departments but rather as you reclaiming control of expenses and making the best use of the human capital that you have available. Seeing as the benefits are undeniable, why not contact Whistle to put your sales figures in a prime position? 

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