Budget Objection Handling – The PipeCast Episode 1

Budget Objection Handling

On this first episode of the PipeCast, I speak with Richard Smith, Co-Founder of Refract about navigating the challenging budget objection in sales.

When faced with a budget objection, do you counter with an offer, nurture or neither? Does this tactic differ by stage in the deal?

Refract helps companies increase deal velocity and decrease missed opportunities, through improved sales conversations. You can learn more at www.refract.ai.

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“You’re making it easy for your prospects to get a discount simply by the words you choose to use:

“These are our standard prices”

(The prospect now knows there are also ‘non-standard prices’)

“We don’t typically give discounts”

(The prospect now knows that sometimes, you give discounts)

“I don’t think I can do anything on price”

(The prospect can sense there is some element of doubt and there will actually be something you can do on price)

“You’d be looking ‘around’ £9k-£10k for your team for an annual subscription”

(The prospect now knows there is a way to get the price for £9k)

Be intentional with your price.

Believe in it.

Say it with confidence and assurance.

Drop unnecessary filler words.

If you don’t give discounts, tell them straight and stick by it.

Your choice of words in sales, makes all the difference.”