Outbound Sales Monthly Roundup

Outbound Sales monthly roundup

With October in the bag, we have curated some exciting outbound campaign content for you to check out. Here are 5 stories to sink your teeth into.

1. The Best Outbound Sales Strategies and How To Track Performance by Audrey Weber, Associate Content Editor at Outreach takes a look at some of the best strategies to boost your outbound campaigns and offers some tried and trusted methods of tracking your results. 

2. Jaakko Paalanen at Leadfeeder gives us a wonderfully in-depth breakdown of the B2B Outbound sales process. This is a great ‘how-to guide’ that pairs solid explanations with easy-to-follow infographics. Read it here: Outbound Sales: A Powerfully Simple Guide to B2B Lead Generation

3. Intricately’s Matt Hogan tells us why personalization has the potential to increase the returns on your Account Based Marketing by as much as 15%. He looks at the different types of ABM and explains how to use data to optimize your personalization at scale. Read more here: Why Personalization is Key to Outbound ABM

4. Pouyan Salehi at Persistiq shows how their software can be used to customize emails and how it can create templates for your scale campaigns that can be customized with a few simple clicks: Customize Individual Emails In Outbound Sales Campaigns

5. Jef Van De Graaf from SuperOffice serves up 11 Practical tips to finding new prospects. This comprehensive piece presents some excellent ways to beef-up your outbound strategy. 

Now that we have given you a healthy dose of Outbound wisdom, be sure to check in again next month for more outstanding SaaS content.