Ways to Make Inbound Marketing Work for You

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Lauren Newalani

Content Writer for Whistle with multidisciplinary experience spanning over a decade.


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An effective inbound marketing strategy is the best method of ensuring organic growth and increasing sales. This method of user acquisition causes very little disruption to the user and lets a relationship develop naturally between the organization and the user based on the type of website content that is available to the user. SDR agency Whistle takes a look at some ways to get your inbound marketing working. 

Getting your inbound marketing in the ‘groove’ is all about attracting the individuals you want as potential customers to your site and keeping them there by providing useful content. It is this content that keeps them coming back to your site and what cements your role as a trusted advisor. Giving users helpful content means knowing what their pain points are as well as some potential ways of helping them. This relationship is based on your organization’s ability to support users and show them how to get the best use out of your products and services.


Get Blogging

Your company blog is the perfect spot to build trust in the brand. Blogs give us the opportunity to offer advice and can take the form of; lists, articles, case studies or tutorials. Companies that make consistent and concerted efforts with their blog are more likely to see increases in return on investment and more frequent sales. A regularly updated blog, paired with good SEO practices, is a great way to get your company noticed and recognized as an industry expert.


Content Downloads

Everyone loves free stuff. Especially content that users can keep and utilize as a resource in the future. These free resources create a localized touchpoint in the User’s space and are a fantastic method of remaining top-of-mind with your market. These content downloads are also the ideal way to move your users down the marketing funnel and turn them into leads. From e-books to infographics, users can choose the information that is most relevant to their needs and curate that content for later use. Users can sign up for the content via a form online that provides the company with some personal information about the user, their areas of interest and their potential product choices.



Webinars are becoming an increasingly valuable part of inbound marketing. These online lectures or talks feature industry experts that guide users through a process or offer insight into topics of interest. Whistle CEO, David Zeff, is often featured in webinars that unpack the intricacies of SaaS, SDR advice and even CRM best practices. It is an interesting, interactive way of allowing users to engage with the subject matter and to pose questions to a live panel. This real-time environment lets users experience immediate recognition and the immediate gratification of having their questions answered and challenges alleviated. 


Inbound marketing is one of the most sustainable ways of growing your sales numbers. It gives users the opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with your brand on their own terms. Communication from the company is subtle, helpful and trigger-based which is also appreciated by users as it is less intrusive and ‘pushy’. When implemented properly, inbound marketing lets an organization experience better ROI for its marketing spend.