Want to be a Whistler? Here’s How

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Having grown 25 times in the last 2 years, our Whistle team is expanding at a record pace and with that growth comes even greater opportunities for those looking to join the exciting world of SaaS. So you’ve heard about our fantastic agency but, the question is, how exactly do you become an SDR at Whistle? Whistle Recruitment Consultant, Cashandra Chetty, takes us through the process. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on our recruitment process:


Stage 1 – Application Process

Each applicant fills out and completes our Contractor Application Form and IT Assessment. The IT Assessment offers our recruitment team a general insight into the level of computer competency of the applicant. Once complete, the information is fed into our CRM system, HubSpot, creating a profile for each candidate. HubSpot sifts through candidates and filters out those who don’t match the minimum requirements. Successful candidates then go through the internal vetting process.


Stage 2 – What We Look for When Vetting a Potential SDR

Apart from a sterling personality and one that we feel will integrate well within our organization, we also look for the following technical skills:

  • Experience as an SDR
  • Excellent speaking voice – candidates will be required to upload a voice note
  • Technical hardware that meets Whistle’s minimum requirements
  • Solid technical capabilities, including CRM experience
    • We also assist prospective candidates in upskilling themselves should they not have worked on a CRM package previously. In the event that they possess other computer skills, they will be directed to HubSpot Courses which will assist them in expanding their CRM knowledge. 


Stage 3 – Interviews and Finalization

Once the above has taken place, the candidate moves through to the final stage which entails interviews with the appropriate parties. The process is as follows:

  • A telephonic interview is arranged with the candidate 
  • The applicant is interviewed for the first time
  • The candidate’s laptop specifications are sent to the IT Department, which will either approve or reject the device based on our minimum requirements.
  • A reference check is conducted. 

The candidate is moved through a second interview process that is conducted by SDR Director, Jodi Sneag. Candidates that are successful with this phase, are then invited to join the Whistle team. 


Joining Whistle as an SDR can be a wonderful opportunity and an amazing experience. We choose the best candidates and invest the best that we have to offer into their development. Visit our Careers page and take the first step into your future.