Sales Hub Onboarding Plan

Get ready to achieve your sales goals

Moving to a new CRM can feel overwhelming for managers and reps alike. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible with a detailed plan for getting your team set up and running. This is a sample plan to help you understand what you can expect from Sales Hub Professional Onboarding.

Typically, our customers complete onboarding within 2 months — some do it even faster — and we focus on accomplishing up to 3 of your primary goals. Since onboarding is dependant on your goals, we’ll structure onboarding and prioritize objectives to your needs. In this sample plan, we’ll be prioritizing the following goals: connect with prospects on their terms, automate your sales process, and personalize your outreach at scale

Sample Sales Hub Professional Onboarding Plan

During onboarding, you’ll work with your own dedicated HubSpot consultant to build a roadmap to accomplish both your immediate and long-term goals. The HubSpot expert will act as a project manager to hold your team accountable to achieving your objectives and offer best practices to help your team grow better with HubSpot.

Phase 4: Completion

Complete Onboarding and Transition

As we approach the completion of your onboarding, we’ll work with you to determine what your next goals will be after onboarding. You’ll be transitioned to a HubSpot customer success owner who will be there to ensure you’re thriving in HubSpot. If you’re looking for more hands-on strategic or technical consulting help after onboarding, you can check out our Professional Services

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