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Revenue Operations or RevOps is the strategic integration of departments within the organization in order to maximize revenue generation, while optimizing processes that impact it. RevOps is an essential part of any SDR agency. We had a Q and A session with Whistle’s RevOps team manager, Kirsten Bredekamp about what RevOps is, why companies need it and some of the challenges linked to its successful implementation.


Q: What is your position within the RevOps team?

A: I am the Rev Ops Manager and I oversee the RevOps rollout across Whistle’s various departments.


Q: Who should make use of Whistle’s RevOps service?

A: Any business or person who is looking to bring their sales, service and marketing team together can make use of a RevOps manager. We make sure that there are processes, procedures and systems put in place in order for the whole team to work in unison. Its this cohesion that makes RevOps such a powerful internal process. 


Q: What do startups need to know about RevOps? Why is it important?

A: Startups, or any business for that matter, can aid in and immediately benefit from having their marketing and sales team working together to reach a shared goal. We have seen impressive revenue growth when there is proper communication between marketing and sales. Making this communication automated, or more structured will see any startup creating better opportunities and lead to better coordination of the teams’ efforts.


Q: What are some of the challenges you face when implementing RevOps for HubSpot?

A: There are a number of challenges. One that tends to be more common than the rest is making sure that all teams use their CRM’s correctly.  If a process is created, but no one follows it, then there is virtually no chance for any benefit to be gained. It is for this reason that when we start working with new businesses, we make sure that all key players are involved in the creation or “build out” process. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page, along with putting reasons behind some of the decisions that are made. If everyone understands the ‘Why’ of a process, we usually see amazing results in the implementation.


Q: What are some small changes a company can implement to have an immediate impact on their RevOps?

A: Companies need to facilitate clear communication between all the teams that are involved. If, for instance, marketing is running a campaign but the sales team has no idea what it is about, there is a higher likelihood of campaign failure. Get everyone aligned! This is probably the most important factor in any RevOps strategy.


A well-structured campaign may not succeed if the efforts of the organization are not properly aligned and coordinated. A good RevOps strategy will ensure that the company can streamline processes and maximize its profitability. This cohesion and integration also results in better growth for the organization at a faster rate than the competition.

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