NSWS Data Management Company

A data management company needing to increase their qualification rate and meeting rate for inbound leads

Campaign dates: July 2021 to Nov 2021


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Data Management

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50 – 200

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About this client

N2WS is a data management company that helps its clients manage and simplify data backup and recovery for growing companies. They offer solutions that are simple, scalable and cost-conscious. Their objective is to provide peace-of-mind to their clients allowing them to recover from failures and outages in seconds.


The challenge facing N2WS  was to increase the qualification rate of their inbound leads as well as increasing their meeting rate.


Whistle placed 2FT SDRs within the N2WS sales model to reach out to all cold inbound leads to qualify and scheduled relevant meetings. Whistle eliminated irrelevant leads in order to save time for the N2WS Sales team. Along with this we instilled processes and KPIs for N2WS to gain learnings.


Campaign dates: July 2021 to Nov 2021


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Deals Closed

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