SDR for Hire Monthly Roundup

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Our focus for the month of December has been around everything relating to SDR for Hire and what better way to draw it to a close than with our monthly roundup. Here are five pieces on SDR for Hire that you should be reading:


Why Outsourcing SDRs is the Right Decision for Your Business by Collin Stewart.

Colin Stewart of Predictable Revenue takes a look at why outsourcing SDRs is the right decision for your business. He looks at some major advantages of outsourcing your sales efforts and why the trend is set to gain momentum. 


Outsourced SDR – The Future of Outbound Sales by Noah Levy.

In this piece, Noah Levy makes credible comparisons between Outsourced and In-house SDRs. He also answers all the questions you could have about SDRs and their future in the industry. 


What Qualities Make for a Good SDR? By Max Altschuler.

What does it take to be a good SDR? Founder and CEO of Sales Hackerand VP of Marketing at Outreach, Max Altschuler gives us the scoop on the key characteristics, personality traits, and/or qualities that will make someone a good SDR. 


Should You Outsource Your SDR Team? The 3 Most Important Things to Consider by David Dulany.

This quick but insightful article by David Dulany answers the question of whether or not you should be outsourcing your SDR team. He unpacks three important factors for readers to consider before making their decision.


The Ins and Outs of Outsourced Sales Development by Ben Goldberg.

Founder of SalesGig, Ben Goldberg delivers the ins and outs of outsourced sales development and looks at whether an in-house or outsourced sales team would be better for your business. This is an in-depth but easy to digest piece that sheds light on a hot industry topic. 


That’s a wrap for 2022! What an amazing year, filled with awesome SDR for Hire content. Watch out for more outstanding stories in 2023.