Product-Led Growth Monthly Roundup

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Lauren Newalani

Content Writer for Whistle with multidisciplinary experience spanning over a decade.


Table of Contents

The month of September has delivered an interesting assortment of Product-Led Growth focused content. The five informative pieces below have been carefully selected to get your PLG juices flowing.  


How to Price Your PLG Product 

Kyle Poyar, Partner at OpenView and Abel Riboulot, Co-founder and CEO of Corrily  talk us through why pricing is one of the most powerful ways to drive growth when it comes to your product. 


How to Identify Your Product’s Aha Moment

Wes Bush, Founder of the ProductLed blog explains what the Aha moment is and why it is so important to users’ commitment to your product.


What is Product Operations? A Pivotal Role For Product-Led Companies

Paula Becchetti, UX Writer at Chameleon takes a closer look at what Product Ops is, how it can benefit product development and why it is so important to PLG teams. 


How and When to Layer in Sales to PLG with Airtable’s Tony Granados

Tony Granados, Senior Director of GTM Strategy & Revenue Operations at Airtable  talks to Stage 2 Capital’s Mark Roberge about when and how to introduce the sales process in a PLG campaign. 


Can we be purely product-led or sales-led or are we misled?

Accomplished Freelance Content Marketer Manish Nepal tells us why companies cannot depend on one go-to-market strategy alone and how to find your dominant growth channels. 


That brings this month’s Product-Led Growth round up to an end. Be sure to check in again next month for more specialized SaaS content. While you wait, explore some of our latest Whistle content.