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Welcome to our monthly roundup of the latest happenings in the world of education technology (EdTech). In this edition, we bring you a curated selection of insightful articles and news pieces that shed light on the evolving landscape of EdTech. From emerging markets to mergers and acquisitions, and the role of AI in education, these articles cover a wide range of topics. Let’s dive in.


The Future of EdTech May Very Well Be in Emerging Markets

This article explores how emerging markets are becoming hotbeds for EdTech innovation. It highlights the unique challenges and opportunities faced by EdTech startups in these regions and discusses the potential impact on education worldwide.


30 Startups to Watch: Startups That Caught Our Eye in February 2023

Inc42 presents a list of 30 promising EdTech startups that have been making waves in the industry. From personalized learning platforms to interactive content providers, this article provides an overview of innovative companies worth keeping an eye on.


EdTech Sector: Merger & Acquisition Deals and Consolidation

YourStory examines the recent merger and acquisition trends in the EdTech sector, with a focus on key players such as BYJU’S and UpGrad. This article delves into the strategic moves and consolidation efforts shaping the industry.


Exploring the EdTech Landscape: Companies Revolutionizing Education

Built In provides an overview of leading EdTech companies that are transforming the way we learn. From virtual classrooms to adaptive learning platforms, this article showcases a diverse range of organizations driving innovation in education.


Evidence-Based Approaches in EdTech Interventions

EdTechHub discusses the importance of evidence-based approaches in designing effective EdTech interventions. This article highlights the significance of rigorous research and evaluation methods to ensure the successful implementation of educational technology solutions.


The Impact of AI in EdTech

EdTech Digest explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of education. From personalized learning algorithms to intelligent tutoring systems, this article delves into how AI is reshaping the EdTech landscape and enhancing learning outcomes.

That concludes our monthly roundup of EdTech insights. We hope these articles have provided you with valuable perspectives on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Stay tuned here for more exciting updates in the next edition of our monthly roundup.