A software company with no sales team needed assistance with messaging and booking of qualified meetings.

Campaign dates: Mar 2022 to Feb 2023


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Computer Software

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11 – 50

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About this client

Loops is a software company that provides businesses with client engagement platforms. Their all-in-one platform helps businesses personalize omni channel communication to build stronger relationships with their customers. Loops empowers businesses to use data-driven insights and automation to create personalized and relevant customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth.


Loops faced several challenges and required assistance with messaging, including scripts, emails, and LinkedIn messages. As a founder-led company with no sales team, Loops needed qualified meetings to be booked using experienced SDRs. They lacked visibility into sales performance within their CRM and required help with workflows and creating reports. Loops needed their data enriched with the correct contact details.


Whistle provided Loops with a dedicated SDR seat focused on the USA and UK markets. The seat was split between two 4-hour SDRs working in each region. We developed email sequences, LinkedIn messages, and actively worked on leads and successfully qualified leads based on Loops’ Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to ensure that qualified meetings were booked for the founder. Our Operations Team developed workflows and created dashboards within Loops’ CRM to provide full visibility into SDR output. Our Data Team also validated and enriched Loops’ leads with correct contact details.


Campaign dates: Mar 2022 to Feb 2023


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