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We are a Global Lead Generation Agency that partners with growing B2B companies to accelerate sales. We have successfully run 600+ sales campaigns for more than 80 global startups and we generate $15M in SQLs monthly for our clients.

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Our SDR Services

We understand that in the competitive world of lead generation, it takes more than just a cookie-cutter approach to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer tailored solutions, full transparency and a performance-driven approach that will set you apart from the competition. Our expert services include Sales Development, Content Marketing, and Inside Sales. We have structured this into two main offerings: The SDR Agency and SDR For Hire. 

SDR Agency

Our Sales Development Agency service is fully-managed by the Whistle team and launches within 10 days. We are able to seamlessly integrate within your systems to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and that you have full visibility. This service provides you with access to the following teams and resources:


You decide on the number of SDRs in your team and have the ability to scale up within 10 days.


Your dedicated Account Manager and Team Leader keep your campaign and SDRs on track.


Our content team creates the messaging for all channels as well as sequence set up.


Our Ops team optimize your CRM before launch and offer ongoing support for your SDRs.


You'll also receive 500 contact enrichment credits from our data team every month.

SDR For Hire

Our SDR For Hire service allows you to hire SDRs in-house without the hassle of the recruitment and training processes. We offer highly trained and experienced Sales Development Representatives who can be hired into existing systems to boost revenue growth and fuel headcount.

The Whistle SDR Talent Pool

We have over 70 Whistle SDRs. Each of them have 2 years+ of sales or SDR experience and are categorized according to industry to ensure that you find the perfect fit. They have both a Hubspot Sales Certification, as well as a Whistle SDR Training Academy Certification.

Here's how SDR For Hire works

We offer global coverage, which means you can hire SDRs to work in any timezone. You keep total control with our 10 Day Scale-Up or Switch-Out System. Within 10 business days, we will find your perfect SDR and if you're not 110% happy - we'll find a better fit in 10 days.

Our Clients

We’ve run 600+ campaigns for over 80 startups and scale-ups in dozens of industries

Our Results

As a performance and data-driven company, we strive to ensure that we deliver on our promises.


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