Content Leads

We help you unlock LinkedIn leads and convert them into sales.

Is it right for you?

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the number one B2B platform for businesses to connect with prospects, yet leads from Linkedin do not convert themselves. Industry standards for SaaS LinkedIn leads currently sit at a 3-6% conversion rate and leads are not cheap. We work with you to ensure no qualified lead slips through the cracks, so that you see ROI from your efforts. Like many SaaS companies, you may be focussed on generating inbound leads through content marketing. Chances are, the content you’re putting out there is great and the leads are rolling in, but your lead conversions are letting you down. We help you respond instantly, qualify your leads and turn them into sales opportunities.


  • Content downloads (whitepapers, case studies, eBooks etc.)
  • Demo requests
  • Sign ups for either free trials or sessions
  • Webinar and event registrations

How does it work?

We help you to qualify and convert more leads into customers, be they demo requests or content leads.

Using your marketing automation platform or CRM (no CRM? We can help you set it up!), our Operations team ensures that each lead is contacted within the first 5 minutes of being assigned to an SDR, with relevant messaging that relates to their buyer journey.

Should they need enrichment, our Live Data team will add verified company email addresses, phone numbers and Linkedin information to help increase our chances of connecting.

Our marketing team ensures that messaging from the SDRs relates to the lead source and that their experience is consistent from the top of the funnel to the calendar of your sales teams.

Our SDRs reference the lead source when reaching out and qualify leads based on your criteria, to ensure that you’re speaking with the appropriate prospect at all times. Should we see that lead quality is poor, we report this to your team in order to help you adjust your campaigns.

Our SDRs:


out to new leads within minutes.


quality leads.


those leads that require more contact information.


leads according to your criteria.


meetings with your sales team.


opportunities for your sales team.

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