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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How many leads can one full-time (8 hours/day) appointment setter work through per month?

Answer: Each full-time appointment setter can typically work up to 400 leads per month. This number can vary depending on the complexity of your product or service, and the quality of the leads.

FAQ: What qualifications and experience do your appointment setters have?

Answer: Whistle appointment setters have an average of 2-5 years in sales development experience. They are Hubspot certified and have all completed our Academy, which runs best practice certification on phone, email, LinkedIn and CRM management.

FAQ: What languages do your appointment setting services offer?

Answer: Currently, we only provide Native English speaking appointment setters.

FAQ: What CRMs can your appointment setters work with?

Answer: Our appointment setters are familiar with the latest CRMs and sales enablement tools, such as: Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft, Outplay, Linkedin and other sales and marketing tools. This means they are able to work within your systems and therefore integrate seamlessly into your team.

FAQ: What resources do I need to provide my appointment setter?

Answer: You'll need to provide a CRM, a good volume of high-quality leads, and scripts for each outreach method. 

FAQ: What types of outreach can your appointment setters perform?

Answer: Our appointment setters can conduct outreach via email, phone, and LinkedIn.

FAQ: Who is my main point of contact, and how do we communicate?

Answer: Your main point of contact is your Whistle Account Manager who you'll communicate with via email. You'll be introduced to your AM after you sign on.

FAQ: How can I monitor success?

Answer: Your appointment setter will integrate with your CRM, allowing you to directly monitor their performance. Additionally, your dedicated account manager will conduct monthly performance reviews and provide you with feedback.

FAQ: How do you vet your appointment setters?

Answer: We have a rigorous vetting process. Only 0.2% of applicants (1 out of every 500) are accepted. We assess over 100 parameters to ensure our appointment setters are highly qualified. This process includes background checks, technical setup checks, industry and sales experience evaluations, sales simulations (including LinkedIn and email outreach), CRM and tech experience reviews, reference checks, and EQ personality tests.

FAQ: How many times can I interview an appointment setter before hiring?

Answer: You can interview each candidate once. We will present two pre-vetted candidates per position.

FAQ: Can I change my appointment setter at any point?

Answer: Absolutely. If you're not completely satisfied with your appointment setter team, we'll find a better fit for you within 5 business days.

FAQ: How can I scale my appointment setting needs?

Answer: Scaling up is easy!  Just contact your Account Manager. Interviews can be arranged within 5 days of submitting your request.

FAQ: How many appointment setters can I hire at one time?

Answer: You can hire as many appointment setters as you need. If you need more than 10, please allow us 14 days of lead time to find the perfect candidates.

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