Market Validation Program & Report

Table of Contents If you’re a startup founder, you know how important it is to validate your market and ensure that there’s demand for your product or service. That’s where Whistle’s Labs program comes in. As part of our Whistle Labs program, our team undertakes a market validation program in addition to setting up HubSpot CRM and reporting.    Market Validation Program The Market Validation Program is designed to help you validate your market by conducting a comprehensive survey and validation report. We collaborate with you to produce a compelling core message, segment your lists, and create a feedback form based on the requirements, timeliness, available solutions, and degree to which prospective customers are interested in learning more or attending a sales call.   A/B Testing A/B testing is one of the distinctive aspects of our market validation program. To determine their relatability and determine whether messages are striking a chord with the audience, we put the founders’ primary messaging to the test. This assists us in determining the most effective message to convey to potential clients in order to increase the likelihood that they will convert. By talking with potential consumers about how they generally evaluate and buy comparable solutions as well as getting their comments on the proposed business model, we try to understand the buying process for the ideal customer.   Reporting Our reporting includes transcripts of calls, word mapping, and contact sample separation, including those in the market, open, and anti. The team generates a report that is sent to the founder and VC on TAM and Total Contactable Market, as well as recommendations based on market feedback regarding problem identification, targeting, market readiness, messaging, and interest level.   HubSpot CRM Setup and Reporting The third step in the Whistle Labs program is the HubSpot CRM setup and reporting. As a Platinum HubSpot partner, we assist startups in setting up a discounted HubSpot Sales Professional license (for eligible startups) and create properties, workflows, dashboards, and reports to track campaign performance and responses. We also help with creating sequences and messaging for A/B testing as well as guiding and training the startup on Hubspot best practices. Our HubSpot reporting provides startups with insights into their campaigns, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their marketing efforts. We create customized dashboards and reports that provide startups with a comprehensive view of their marketing performance, making it easy for them to track and measure their progress.   At Whistle, we’re committed to providing startups with the support they need to succeed. Our Market Validation Program and HubSpot CRM setup and reporting are just two of the ways we do that. With our expertise and support, startups can take their businesses to the next level and achieve the success they deserve.If you’re a startup founder looking to validate your market and take your business to the next level, let’s talk.